New adoptable pets: Phoebe and the Kittens!

Phoebe and Kittens
Phoebe and Kittens
Phoebe and Kittens

Here we have Phoebe and her five practically identical little boy kittens! They were surrendered to the shelter by someone who was no longer able to care for them, and now all are up for adoption.

The kittens were born 5/17/11. They are wonderfully socialized, very easy to handle, affectionate, curious, and playful – they will all be great in any type of family.

These kittens spent a little time outside prior to being surrendered, so they could probably do ok as indoor-outdoor cats, though would do best as indoor-only cats, at least until they are older. They are all very happy, healthy, and playful – all are litterbox trained and will be ready to go home at the end of July.

Mama Phoebe, like all her babies, has a white spot on her throat, and the rest of her fur is a beautiful black that glows chocolate brown in the right light. She has a regal bearing – you just know she would have been happy to be worshipped in ancient Egypt – yet she is still very playful and affectionate.

Phoebe is just over a year old, and had been an indoor-outdoor cat before arriving at the shelter. She would be happy either as an indoor only cat, or as an indoor-outdoor cat… she is too affectionate and interested in humans to really enjoy an outdoor-only lifestyle. We think she will be great with people of all ages.

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