Adoptable Cat, long-timer: PEANUT



Peanut is a beautiful medium-haired tabby and white girl. She has been with us since early July, when she arrived with her 3-week-old kittens in tow. Peanut has been a great mom, and the kittens are fully weaned – most have already found their forever homes, and now it is Peanut’s turn.

Peanut is very friendly and affectionate, and is definitely a lap kitty. She would enjoy pretty much any indoor or indoor/outdoor home, where she can have a lap when she wants one and can have a few short brushing sessions each week to keep that gorgeous coat in great shape. Given a choice, she would rather cuddle than play, so an affectionate family is a must for Peanut. She seems tolerant of other cats, too.

See her full listing, with more photos and videos: PEANUT

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