Our first 2013 adoptees!

TOP ROW: Yogi, Mr Pickles, Chickadee
MIDDLE ROW: Jabberwocky (now Dusty), Cowgirl, Sassy
BOTTOM ROW: Fancy, Evangeline (now Cassidy), Rocket

It’s been a pretty good month at Forget Me Not; Yogi has already gone home with our wonderful volunteer Janiece, who started off fostering him and saw him blossom into a lovely new family member – so now he will be staying forever! We have one dog – Fancy – being picked up this coming Saturday by her new family from Spokane, and are sending a nice, big (for January) transport of 5 cats and 2 dogs (Mr Pickles and Chickadee going together, Jabberwocky, Sassy, Evangeline, Cowgirl and Rocket) heading west to meet their families in the Seattle area!

So far, Jabberwocky’s new name is Dusty and Evangeline will now be Cassidy… some of the others will get new names, too, after their new people get to know them better.

Special thanks to our two REPEAT adopters; when an adopter comes back to us again when they are in need of another new family member, it really makes us all feel terrific! When you adopt from FMNAS, you are FAMILY for life.

Nine happy endings so far in January – let’s try for a few more before the end of the month, and to all our first-time adopters – welcome to the family!

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