New adoptable cat: NIKE


Nike is having a bad hair day. Well, OK, it will be more like a bad hair month… or two. As you can see from her head and tail, Nike is a gorgeous long-haired dilute tortoiseshell girl, with beautiful grey, cream, and white patterning. Unfortunately, due to who knows how long spent outside without love and regular grooming, she was so matted when she arrived at the shelter that all we could do was remove much of her fur along her sides and back, right down to the skin. It will grow back as baby-fine and silky as the fur we were able to comb out on her tail, but it will take a couple of months for her to be her fully beautiful self. She’s a little bit embarrassed to have you see her like this, but we told her someone would love her for who she is inside, plus the promise of the beauty she will have again someday.

Nike is a very sweet, gentle, affectionate girl; we are estimating her birthday as 5/1/2009, making her just over 2 years old. She seems to like the other cats in her room fine so far; we’ll be testing her out on dogs soon. She definitely is very people-oriented, and would be quite happy as an indoor or indoor-outdoor cat; just don’t forget to brush her for about 5 minutes each day, to keep that fur at its finest!

If you’ve always wanted a Persian cat for its fur, but preferred a face without that Persian squished look, then Nike is a great choice for you! She would do well in any family that has lots of love and cuddles to share, whether it’s a single working person in a small apartment or a big family in a 4-level megahome.

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