New adoptable dog: PETER



Peter is a fun and frisky almost-5-month-old border collie/Australian cattle dog mix boy. His owner received him as a gift, but he is too energetic for her (note to anyone considering giving puppies as gifts to elderly relatives – it is a bad idea). He was born January 7, 2011, and has all the energy and mischievousness you’d expect from his breed mix!

He is eager to play, and seems to be very smart, though his excitement at having people and other dogs to play with tends to give him a short attention span. He doesn’t seem to be at all shy, and has met lots of dogs and different people. His owner reports that he is “partially” housetrained; we find many of the juvenile pups start to naturally housetrain while at the shelter, because they don’t want to soil their kennel, but you should assume that Peter will need at least a refresher course in basic housetraining when he arrives.

We think he is just gorgeous; when his ears are up, you can see the heeler in him… when they are down, you can see the border collie. Love those bits of brown on his face and his shins/ankles!

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