New adoptable dog: AYLA

Ayla is a beautiful hound/pitbull mix, about 5 years old, who was abandoned by her owner – they went “on vacation” two months ago and left some friends in charge of bringing food to Ayla, who was left outside; unfortunately, despite being contacted, the owners have never come back from “vacation” and the property they were renting was sold, leaving Ayla homeless.

Ayla isn’t very fond of other dogs, though she apparently lived with some before (the other dogs on the property disappeared, unfortunately); we are able to teach her to tolerate the other shelter dogs, but don’t recommend adding her to a home with a dominant dog unless you are a very experienced pack leader type. She definitely is a “people” dog – she’d much rather be with a person than with another dog. She has been reported to be not very good with livestock, poultry, cats and small furries; ideally, she would be the only pet.

She is an “easy keeper” – housetrained, a bit overweight, good on leash, easy to groom. She allows humans to pick up her food and remove food from her mouth, but doesn’t like other animals near her food, so we recommend she not go to a home with children under 8 years old, just to be on the safe side.

Ayla seems to know “sit” and “down” – and she is a fairly quiet dog so far, who waits patiently for the next volunteer to arrive and take her out of her kennel.

See her full listing for lots more photos and a great video. This dog is a love, a terrific cuddler who wants to stick close to you.

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