New adoptable cat: Starling



This beautiful girl is about 3 years old, and needs a special home, where she can experience the “tough love” of The Biggest Loser to help her get into proper feline fitness. She is not happy at the shelter, because we have to keep her in a playpen so she doesn’t eat ALL THE FOOD in the room… she would be a fabulous and talkative companion for anyone, and we know her right person is out there! See her full listing for more photos, video, and application.

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  • Jane & Ted

    Well done, Kim, your blog is great!
    Have a question about your videos, which I love, but can’t download successfully. Is there a way you can make the file smaller? When I get the pics (they are too large for my screen & there’s no way to zoom out)I wait, see a little bit of cat moving, then wait again, and so on. This is a new computer & we’re using satellite, so they should come through quickly? Does anyone else have this problem?
    Wish we could take Starling — but we have enough with three Queens and four males inside, and total lack of space for more litter boxes which take up an enormous time — ‘cos she looks so lovely, and she’s not that big! My Christmas present, Fuzzy, weighed in at the vet’s last Friday @ 25 lbs., and we’ve been dieting him! Well, we thought he’d do better on regular timed meals vs. free feeding after his human died, and he’s started playing & running, so we’re very embarrassed.
    If Itok’s younger sister turns up, please don’t forget to let us know!
    You’re great XOXOX

    • fmnas

      Hi Jane & Ted!

      The videos are YouTube videos; I believe there is a button, once it starts playing, that gives you the option to “Change Quality” — just hover your cursor over the bottom section of the video and you can make it a lower quality video. There is also a button to the far right (when hovering the cursor over the bottom section of video) that says “Play on YouTube” — that gives you even more options for resizing.

      Your home is overflowing with kitty love, which is a great thing! Starling will find her person, too, we know she will… it will just take some time.

      Big hugs to all of you!!

      Kim & the FMNAS crew

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