New adoptable cat: SHADOW


Shadow is a senior kitty who arrived at the shelter with his friend Sassy, when their owner died without a pet plan in place. It has taken us a while to list Shadow, because he came in weighing only 6 pounds, with severe hyperthyroidism that had apparently been undermedicated for at least a year. We got him on track with the right dosage and he is looking great after just 6 weeks! Hyperthyroidism is fairly common in senior cats (we know Shadow is at least 8, and could be more). The treatment that is working for Shadow is a small pill given morning and evening; the medication costs less than 70 cents per day, and we have no trouble getting him to eat his pill when tucked into a small ball of wet food, or into a pill pocket and then put in his wet food. (He LOVES canned food). If the pill twice daily is not to your liking, there are other treatment options, but they generally involve a large up front expense. If you can manage it, radioactive iodine treatment, which can be given at Washington State University, can be an actual permanent cure.

Shadow is a distinguished bobtailed gentleman, quite talkative and always happy for a cuddle and a bit of attention. He is not playful, and needs nothing more than a comfortable cushion in a sunny spot near his person from which to watch the day go by. He’s looking for a retirement home where he can be a treasured companion and can continue to receive the treatment he needs to keep him healthy. He does have definite preferences; he likes pate style wet food and scoopable litter in a very large covered litterbox. He would do well as an indoor/outdoor cat, or just an indoor cat. We’ve really only seen him around Sassy, so aren’t sure whether he would adapt to another cat or not… he does NOT appreciate dogs!

See his full listing, with video, here!

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