New adoptable cat: Miso



Miso is a funny, happy, very laid-back 6 year old girl, who arrived at the shelter with her kittens (our current “C” litter) when their owner decided they just had too many cats to care for. She is definitely part Siamese, with medium length fur, a pretty and unusual coat, and adorably goofy crossed eyes.

Miso will be a very easy-care cat; she is affectionate, but not demanding, and prefers relaxing in a sunspot to… well, just about anything! She would do fine as an indoor or indoor-outdoor cat, and would be a terrific “starter pet” for a first-time pet owner, or an apartment pet. While she seems to be tolerant of other cats, she doesn’t much care if she has a cat buddy or not, so would do fine as an only pet.

See her full listing for more photos, video, and application.


2 comments to New adoptable cat: Miso

  • Anonymous

    This might be a little late, but Miso is not part Siamese, but a normal American cat, her color and markings are called Snowshoe. Crossed eyes is very commonly associated with snowshoes, and they are great cats.

    • fmnas

      Thank you! It’s always such fun, trying to determine breeds in these mixed breed beauties. I just looked up Snowshoes on Wikipedia, and it turns out Snowshoes originated with a litter of Siamese kittens, born to a breeder in the 1960s!

      The cat in their photo sure does look a lot like Miso, but with shorter fur.

      Thanks for the fun research project of the day! Hope we get another Snowshoe mix in one day.

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