New adoptable dog: MEEKO


Meeko is a gorgeous boy who looks like a husky/shepherd mix; he arrived as a stray and has gone unclaimed. We are guesstimating his date of birth at about 4/26/2012 – he has those gangly “teenager” legs and the playfulness of a pup!

He has lots of boisterous energy and loves to chase just about anything, so we wouldn’t recommend him for a home with kitties that run away… but he has a soft, cuddly side too, and will sit for long periods just snuggling with the volunteers.

He doesn’t seem to be an overly dominant dog, though will stand up to a challenge, so would fit best with an easygoing dog companion (probably a female would be best), or as the only dog.

He’d love to have a family that will give him lots of time to play and run with them outside, and then invite him inside to relax when he’s tuckered out. Meeko hasn’t yet learned the art of bringing the ball *back* but he is a CHAMPION at chasing.

He’s doing well with his housetraining, and almost never soils his kennel now… he understands the concept of sit, but that wiggly, excited butt has a hard time staying sat.

Meeko will benefit from some obedience training with his new person, which is also a great way to bond with your new family member!

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