New adoptable kittens listed 7/15/11

Kittens listed 7-15-11
Kittens listed 7-15-11
(top row) Durango, Donastia, Delgado, DonBenito (bottom row) Pattani, Rocket, Lampang

…and it begins again, the latest summer kitten caboodle! In the past 2 weeks, the shelter has taken in 32 cats and kittens (plus one temporary resident mom-cat who will go home after her kittens are weaned and mom has been spayed). We are starting off today with 7 of our new arrivals.

The 4 “shades of grey” kittens in the top row were all born 4/7/11. They arrived from a feral colony – at first, we thought they were all going to have to go back as part of the Trap-Neuter-Return process because they were a bit too old, but the property owner did a great job socializing them and they are now able to go out as pets. These 4 have already been spayed/neutered and can go home at any time. They are

The 3 kittens in the bottom row were an “oops” litter born 5/12/11. Mom-cat has been scheduled for spay and we are now looking for new homes for these three super-friendly little ones, all of whom will be spayed/neutered and ready to go home by the end of July.

Find the individual listings for each of these kittens on our Cats Page – just click on each photo to bring up the full listing, with more photos and a video for each litter.

We’ll have one more litter of kittens plus their mom that will be listed in the next few days, as they will be ready to go by the end of July… then look for three MORE litters of kittens plus two of their moms, who will be listed at the beginning of August (the kittens are just 2-4 weeks old right now, awwwwww).

Special thanks to Laura Brown, our cat intake volunteer; Charlene Steele, our itty bitty kitty foster home; and all the fantastic kitten socializers who are visiting with all these little ones. 29 kittens in residence at one time may be a record for us!

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