Featured Adoptable Cat: Juno

Juno (photo: Lance Young)

Juno has been at the shelter since mid-February, but that was in our twitter/blog/facebook “black hole” period, so she hasn’t been properly introduced as an adoptable cat.

Juno is a gorgeous tortoiseshell tuxedo girl who arrived as a stray; we are guessing she is about 2 years old, so have given her a birth date of 3/1/09. Juno is a pretty independent girl, but she does like brief sessions of petting and play. She seems to be fairly stressed-out with all the other girl kitties at the shelter (hey, if I had to live in one room with 5 other girls, I might be a little cranky, too). We think Juno would do best in a home with one other cat (preferably male), or as an only cat. She would enjoy either an indoor only, or an indoor-outdoor, lifestyle. She seems to have good mousing instincts, too!

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