New Adoptable Dog: Juanita the purebred English Bulldog

Juanita is a very loving and gentle 10 year old female English Bulldog. She came to the shelter when another dog in her home decided Juanita was the enemy, and made it a mission to try to kill her – poor Juanita! Although Juanita was never the aggressor, her family felt it would be impossible for them to protect Juanita from the other dog, so have asked us to take her in and find her a new home where she can “retire” for the last few years of her life.

Juanita is housetrained and gets along well with other dogs (at least the ones that don’t try to kill her); she is not very fond of cats, and would prefer a cat-free home. Ideally, Juanita will have a new family that can spend lots of time with her – she wants nothing more than to be with her people, with an occasional slow and short walk. Juanita takes medication for her arthritis, and has eye ointment for occasional eye inflammation. She is developing cataracts, so her vision isn’t the best, but her sniffer works just fine and she hears well and responds to her name (and to treats – Juanita LOVES treats). Like most wide-mouthed bulldogs, Juanita has some slobber issues, LOL, but she is just so darn loveable it’s a pleasure to clean up after her.

Juanita’s very fond of stuffed animals, she likes to cuddle them and “nurse” on them. She does not have any behavioral issues, and is an “easy keeper” who would love to enjoy an evening of TV and treats with her person. Her arthritis would probably benefit from having a heated orthopedic pet bed, if you can manage that. She rides well in the car, but will need assistance or a ramp to get in and out. She is a smaller-sized bulldog and can be lifted fairly easily; first estimate of her weight is 40# or possibly a little less.

More photos, videos, and adoption information

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