New adoptable cat: Janus



Janus is a very handsome orange tabby boy who came in as a stray. He is a young adult, probably between 1-2 years old, so we have given him a birth date of 3/1/09. Janus is comfortable with the other cats in his cat room – they are all girl kitties, and they all seem to like this “ladies’ man” cat as much as he likes them! (Yes, they are all spayed/neutered, so it’s not that)!

Janus is a bit shy around dogs, but warms up quickly to humans. He would do fine as an only cat, or he should adjust well to having a cat companion or two; he enjoys attention from people, and will make a pretty easy, low-maintenance family pet in an indoor or indoor-outdoor home.

More photos, videos, and adoption information

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