New adoptable dog: Hoss



This handsome, yet goofy, boy is Hoss. He is a Golden Retriever mix, weighs about 90 pounds (BIG boy), and was born in January 2010. That means he is still technically a “puppy” with all the typical puppy energy.

Hoss was originally owned by a member of the US military, who loved him, but had to give him to her mother when she was deployed overseas. Mom decided he was too much for her to handle, so here he is, waiting for you!

Hoss is extremely well socialized – he loves every person (young or old), dog, cat, horse, cow… you name it, he loves it. Unfortunately, Hoss never received any obedience or leash training. As a result, he is horrible on-leash; if you want to walk him on leash, you may want to start his training with a Gentle Leader type collar. He also doesn’t pay any attention to commands (though he is reported to understand “sit” and will sometimes come when called).

He has pretty good house manners and is reported to be housetrained (he will “ask” to go outside when he needs to go)… BUT, when there is no one to let him outside right when he is ready, he does not try to “hold it” and will soil his shelter kennel.

Hoss’s ideal home would have a happy, fun family where there is usually someone home, and where he can be a part of the action, go with his people on trips, and have lots of people to play with. His new people should be committed to training Hoss, which will require a bit of effort at his age… but he seems to be smart, and he genuinely wants to make people happy, so he will definitely be able to learn how to be a fantastic family member.

We recommend you start with intensive leash training and basic commands, particularly “come” and “stay” and “down”. He is a dog that chases his tail (see end of video on our website), too cute.

More photos, video, and adoption information


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