New adoptable dog: GUS



Gus is a Black Labrador Retriever (according to his former owner, he is purebred, but has no papers). He is 2 years old, and was surrendered to the shelter because he kept chasing his former owner’s new goats. Unfortunately, Gus has spent his first 2 years living outside, without any training or direction. He is already benefiting from his time at the shelter, where some of the volunteers are working with him on leash training and manners.

Gus is beginning to understand “play” a bit, and will chase a ball (though not always bring it back). One thing we all notice about him is that he is very attentive – he wants to know exactly what you expect of him, and then will try his hardest to give it to you. Because of this, we think he will be pretty quick and easy for his new family to train, though we’d recommend enrolling him in a basic obedience course to give him the best possible start in his new home.

Gus is a big, powerful dog; his former owner says he does not do well with cats, though it’s possible a strong leader could teach him to leave HIS cats alone. He seems to do pretty well with other dogs, and he loves kids (though he might tend to knock over toddlers in his enthusiasm, until he is better trained). He likes riding in the car, and would be a fun “guy and his dog” go everywhere kind of companion.

See his full listing for video, more photos, and application!

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