New adoptable dog: Dora (ADOPTED 3/25)


Dora (photo by Lance Young)

Dora is a sweet and affectionate border collie mix girl, who was born about 3/1/10 (so she’s just over a year old now). She is a very energetic dog who was left tied out in her yard all day long, and was starved for attention. Now that she is at the shelter, she is getting tons more attention from all the volunteers, and she is so happy! She weighs about 45 pounds.

Dora appears to be totally housetrained – she hasn’t gone potty in her kennel at all, even for the occasional 12-hour “overnight” times when she can’t go out for a potty break. She is timid around new people and new sounds, but warms up very quickly once she knows what to expect.

Her fur is a beautiful black with chocolate brown overtones (particularly on her head). She is also a surprisingly low-maintenance dog; in spite of rarely or never having been brushed or groomed, she came to the shelter with only two small spots of matted fur behind her ears.

Dora seems to get along just fine with other dogs. Her former owner reports some “herding” behavior with cats, not uncommon for border collie mixes! She does not appear to be aggressive with any species. We think Dora would thrive in a home where she had a human around most of the time, and where she was invited inside to be part of the family. She would probably enjoy being a jogging buddy, or a 4-H or agility dog!

More photos, video, and adoption information

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