New adoptable dog: DIESEL



Diesel appears to be a Catahoula Leopard dog mix pup, who has a guesstimated birth date of 1/12/12. He was left inside the shelter fence, and we hope we will be able to find this cutie a great home, so he’ll never need to feel abandoned again!

He is working hard on potty-training, and he is a smart and playful pup. He’s energetic and should be lots of fun to train; he’d make a good 4-H or agility dog, and would also enjoy being “just” a family pet, as long as he can get lots of exercise and interactive play each day to work off some of his energy.

Pure Catahoulas are “working dogs” meant to be herders or hunters; a mix like Diesel can be a terrific pet, but the owner must be a confident “pack leader” who is willing to both train, and exercise, a dog like Diesel. At a minimum, he will need at least an hour a day of vigorous play or running.

We expect Diesel to end up somewhere between 60-70 pounds when full-grown, though with mixed-breed pups whose parents are not known, it’s really anyone’s guess. He is a charming and adorable guy, who will make someone very happy.

Visit his full listing for more photos, video, and application

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