New adoptable dog: Dexter!



Here is Dexter! Dexter was originally a Forget Me Not dog back in the summer of 2011; he went to his new home, who followed up with us to let us know how thrilled they were with him, and then we didn’t hear anything else; no news is good news, right? WRONG! We received a call toward the end of June from a lovely woman in the Seattle area, who said she had a stray dog in her yard, and through some research she had done on Craigslist, had determined that we was likely the dog shown as Dexter on our Adopted pages. She even counted spots to be sure! It sounds like his happy home decided to give him away for free on Craigslist – ALWAYS a huge mistake, as that is the surest way for your pet to end up in the hands of flippers or lab bundlers. Dexter either ran away from his new “home” or they found out he was microchipped (labs won’t take microchipped animals usually), and Dexter ended up on the “mean streets of the city.” Well, OK, the suburbs, but that just doesn’t sound as impressive.

One of our 2010 adopters jumped to answer our plea for help, and took Dexter in for a couple of weeks, where he learned about crate training (and did very well), and was a pleasure around the house. They did an amazing job with him (and I can tell he misses them), but were just temporary angels; he next went to a former volunteer who was able to bring him to meet our June 30 adopted pet delivery in Monroe… and now Dexter is back where he started! Don’t worry, Dexter, we’ll try again.

You can see Dexter’s full listing here – he’s a great boy!

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