New adoptable dog: Daisy


Daisy (photo by Lance Young)

Daisy is a 7-year-old purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She was rescued from a puppy mill when she was 5, but her rescuer can no longer keep her, so has asked us to find Daisy a new home.

Daisy is a bit timid when meeting a new person, but we’ve seen her adjust quite quickly to the volunteers. After having spent her first 5 years in typical puppy mill fashion – locked in a small cage and kept pregnant all the time – Daisy is imperfect with her housetraining. While she does prefer to go potty outside, she is not confident enough to ask to go out. Her ideal home will have someone who can take her outside (or let her into the yard) every few hours during the day.

Daisy has a wire kennel that is her “security den” – she is used to retreating into it whenever she feels uncertain. We will be sending her familiar kennel with her. She lived with another dog for the past 2 years, and got along fine with him. Daisy should be fine with older, gentle, calm children, but toddlers are bound to frighten her with their enthusiasm.

She would be a good companion for an elderly person, or a good family pet for a family with a calm, at-home lifestyle. Daisy does not want to be an adventurer; she wants to know where her “place” is, what is expected of her, and what her routine will be. Consistence and love will add up to a perfect Daisy forever home!

Daisy is pretty small for a typical CKCS – we’ll be getting an exact weight on her soon, but an eyeball guesstimate puts her closer to 10 pounds than 20 pounds. (Typical weight would be 10-18 pounds, so we think she’s on the small end). She would benefit from regular trips to a groomer – you can see she has some red staining around her mouth (similar to “tear staining” common in many small breeds).

Her coloring is called “Blenheim” coloring (chestnut and white). She is in good health, but has had some teeth extracted due to gum disease from her time in the puppy mill. Regular teeth cleaning and checkups will be a key to maintaining her good health.

More photos and adoption information

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