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Cybele has an odd story, sure wish she could talk! About 4 years ago, Cybele showed up as a stray at a local animal lover’s home. She hung around long enough to be spayed and vaccinated and to be thought of as a member of the family… then one day, she disappeared, never to be seen again. BUT WAIT! Fast forward 4 years, and guess who showed up again, at the same animal lover’s home?! Cybele, where have you BEEN?!

Unfortunately, the home she returned to now has a dog that doesn’t care for kitties, so Cybele is now with the shelter, waiting for a new home (where she promises to stay forever… right, Cybele?!)

Cybele is about 11 years old now, and is a lovely tortoiseshell who looks like she has a bit of Manx in the mix, from those teeny little ears to the big round head to the stubby half-tail. She is far smaller than a typical Manx, and is a happy, affectionate girl who doesn’t seem to want to play much, she just wants to hang out and enjoy a lap or a sunspot. Cybele is a real easy keeper, low grooming needs, excellent manners, and a calm demeanor. She would be fine as an indoor or indoor-outdoor cat, and it doesn’t matter to her whether she has another cat to hang out with or not.

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Here is a short video of Cybele:

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