New adoptable dog: CORKY



Corky is a 5-year-old male mini poodle who weighs just 10 pounds. His former owners got him as a puppy from a breeder, but now they no longer have time to give him the attention he deserves, so he is looking for someone new to cuddle with.

Corky is housetrained, good with other dogs, good with cats, and loves children. He is a very happy dog who loves attention and plays like a “big dog” (ha). He is a fairly high energy dog – don’t let that tiny size fool you, he still needs lots of exercise to help him stay calm, and would really love a few sessions of “fetch” and a couple of short but brisk walks every day. As you can see, he will also benefit from some professional grooming; we did have the vet clean his teeth, which were very dirty.

Corky is an excellent choice for someone who wants a “puppy-sized” dog that has outgrown all the annoying puppy behaviors – he doesn’t nip or get mouthy while playing, doesn’t leave you “presents” on the floor, and doesn’t eat your shoes. He will require regular grooming, but his non-shed coat means he can even lie on a black corduroy sofa (grin). Dogs like this don’t make it into our shelter very often, so this is a terrific opportunity for some lucky person or family to adopt that wonderful little poodle they have been dreaming of.

You can see Corky’s full listing here.

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