New adoptable dog: Comet



Comet is a Newfoundland mix boy, with who knows what else in there. He was born about October 2008. He is a very confident dog, with a happy disposition and a lot of joy. He’s much smaller than a Newfoundland, probably around 60-65 pounds, and from the history we were able to get on him, it sounds like he may have been trained as a sled dog at one point.


Comet, probably as a result of his sled dog training, pulls HARD on leash right now; the volunteers will be working with him, to teach him to heel (or at least WAIT FOR US, ha). The person who brought Comet to us says he hasn’t been inside much, but that he did appear to be housetrained the times they had him inside. Unfortunately, right now Comet does exhibit some marking behaviors while in the shelter; he is scheduled for neuter in mid-April, which will hopefully help to break him of the marking urge.

He is definitely an alpha-dog personality, with a real zest for life. You can almost see him laughing to himself as he trots around investigating all the world has to offer. Comet will do well in pretty much any home that has the time and patience to work with him – obedience training classes would be a great idea, and he seems to be quite smart so should pick up the basics quickly. Comet loves all people, no matter how big or small; he has been reported to be safe with cats too.

More photos and adoption information

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