Today’s featured cat: CHACHALACA!


Chachalaca is a really pretty and unusual “dilute torbie” – a pastel tortoiseshell (cream, grey, white) with tabby pattern. She technically arrived as part of a feral colony on which we were doing trap-neuter-return, but she is just too darn friendly and affectionate to spend the rest of her life fending for herself in a colony, so she was promoted to the adoption program. We think Chachalaca is about 3 years old; she is pretty easy-going with the other cats in her room, and although she doesn’t like to be picked up, she LOVES to play and is a great combination of affection and independence. She’d be a great indoor-outdoor cat for just about any type of lifestyle.

You can see her full listing, with videos, here!

2 thoughts on “Today’s featured cat: CHACHALACA!

  1. Kim, I think black jack might like a companion. We’ve been talking about it for a while. Sleep in the garage (mousing) in the house during the day or outside in the summer (blackjack won’t go out in the winter, smart cat). Keep us in mind for a second cat. lin

    1. We will have to keep an eye out for just the right dog-tolerating kitty companion! Will put some thought into this one, so we find a perfect match (or at least as perfect as possible). #1 requirement: “don’t act like a prey animal” HA!

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