New adoptable dog: BUSTER




Buster crawled out from under an abandoned cabin at the beginning of June, emaciated, terrified, and with a badly broken jaw. In spite of his fear and the incredible amount of pain he was in, he has always been incredibly sweet and gentle. We’ve had him in foster care for 2 months now, with many vet trips to help him heal, and to treat abscesses and infections that resulted from the jaw break. He’s missing a few teeth, and his poor head will always be a bit misshapen due to the nature of the breaks in his jaw (yes, more than one place), but he is now healthy, happy, and ready to go to a fabulous forever home!

Buster is a pit bull terrier – possibly with a little boxer in the mix, as he doesn’t quite conform to a pure pit bull standard – so before applying to adopt him, please check with your home insurer, and check any community/county rules regarding pit bull ownership.

He has been fostering in a very loving family, where he’s been great with the other dogs and the cat, and loves all the people he meets. He is not possessive over food or toys, and will let people take things right out of his mouth. Buster is just so grateful to be out of pain, well-fed, and in a safe, loving, secure place – there’s just nothing like a grateful rescue dog!

See his full listing, with more photos and a video.


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