New adoptable dog: BUBBA



Meet Bubba, an absolutely stunning, handsome boy who was left inside the shelter fence one night. He is obviously one of the “bully breeds” – either American Staffordshire Terrier or Pit Bull Terrier (the distinctions are very slight, apparently – you can read more about these breeds here).

Through a little volunteer detective work and some witness activity we were able to determine who left Bubba at the shelter; from them, we learned that Bubba is supposedly “purebred” and is about 3 years old, and he belonged to someone who moved away and couldn’t take him. The person who then took Bubba (and left him at the shelter) had him for a week and found him to be great with other dogs, but a bit too interested in the rabbits and chickens, so they thought it would be better for Bubba to find an indoor home with a loving family, where he can be a valued family member and NOT have to spend all day outside being tempted by things that flutter and hop. We have to agree!

After getting to know Bubba, we all think he is an amazing dog; he is so darn happy when a volunteer comes to give him some loving, and then he cries pitifully when it’s time to turn out the lights and put all the doggies to bed, awwwwwww! Bubba will be SO happy when he finally has a person or family of his own, so his bedtime can be with his humans, and he can be happy all the time.

See Bubba’s full listing here.

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