New adoptable dog: BROWNIE



Meet Brownie – He’s an older dog, we are guessing around 8 years old, who has the heart of a puppy! We think Brownie is some sort of retriever/shepherd mix. He was originally a stray dog, who was never claimed from Republic city impound, so we decided to take him in and give him a chance to find the retirement home he deserves.

You can see all his photos, his video, and read all about him on his listing: Brownie

2 comments to New adoptable dog: BROWNIE

  • Karen Haldeman

    Hi Kim,

    I am just in love with Forget-Me-Not, you and your postings! I have never seen such an amazing efforts made on the behalf of animals. I love the black tie special! I was looking through all the postings and find myself very drawn to this sweet boy. He looks friendly and sweet.

    Maybe we can talk about him some more.


    • fmnas

      Thank you so much for your kind words, and for your interest in Brownie. We have sad news about him; a couple of weeks ago, he became quite ill at his foster family’s home, and after many tests and vet visits it was determined that he had a very large mass on/in his liver. He was in pain, not able to eat or drink, and the vet felt his situation was inoperable, so we had the vet euthanize him, with his foster mom holding his paw as he said goodbye. It’s possible whomever had Brownie before he turned up as an unclaimed stray actually knew about his condition, but we will never know. He spent the 6 weeks after he came to us being loved and spoiled in his foster home, and we are all so grateful that there was a loving foster home available to him. Foster parents are truly unsung heroes.

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