New adoptable pup: BRATWURST

Bratwurst070713-7 Bratwurst and siblings arrived as a Stop the Cycle litter; Forget Me Not has spayed the mother dog (a Great Dane/Australian Cattle Dog mix) and returned her to her owner, and we will now find great homes for the pups. They were born on March 22, 2013. Father is unknown (may be more than one for this litter). Some of the pups look like they may have some Labrador Retriever or Pitbull in the mix, along with a healthy dose of “who knows what” – they are true “LeMutte” pups!

The entire litter is very well socialized, and the pups are currently together in a foster home where they are encountering adult dogs, cats, and chickens. They are all curious, outgoing, and very happy, and should do well in every type of home and family.

Bratwurst (a girl) is one of the bigger pups, and she shows the most Great Dane qualities in her appearance. She is near the top of the pack, loves to explore and play with the other pups, enjoys affection but is not overly needy. She has very long legs and a long frame. Bratwurst may have a mild allergy to either food or something in the environment; she came in with a minor skin condition that left small bumps over the top of her head (see bottom picture). The vet has definitely ruled out ringworm, mange or other mites, and the most likely remaining cause is an allergy or possibly an autoimmune issue. We are recommending that, during the 30-day trial period, Bratwurst’s adopter take her to a vet with more advanced diagnostics or experience than our vet, unless the condition has fully cleared up by that time (it seems to be improving on its own).

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