New adoptable pets: Our “B” Kittens

B kittens

B kittens

Today, we are introducing our “B” kittens.*

The six kittens in this group came in at about 2 weeks old, from a feral colony on which we are doing Trap-Neuter-Return. They were bottle-fed and are now weaning to solid food. The orange boys were born about 4/23/11, and the tabby quartet are a bit older, born about 4/19/11.

They are (clockwise from upper left):







If you visit our main Cats page you can click on each kitten’s photo to see all the pictures of that kitten, plus a video of the kittens playing.

*It’s hard to constantly come up with new names… to help us keep the litters straight, so we know who is who, we choose themes for each batch. Right now, we are working with alphabetical Spanish place names.

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