Dogs adoptable since September 8th, 2010: Bear the Labrador Retriever mix and Luna the Pug mix

Bear is an extremely handsome black Labrador Retriever/Chow mix boy, about 4 years old and 65 pounds. He came to the shelter on 9/8, after spending most of his life being neglected and ignored… consequently, he is a real affection hound! To Bear, having people rub his belly is the most AMAZING and WONDERFUL thing, you can tell he actually feels lucky to be a shelter dog, awwwwwww. He is very attentive and treat-motivated, and has already learned to sit for liver chips!

The people who brought him to the shelter said he was cat-aggressive, but he seems completely indifferent to the cats at the shelter – he sniffs noses with them when they are out on their “kitty condo” porch, but doesn’t fixate or lunge, and in fact, seems mostly uninterested. To be safe, we’d recommend a home without cats, just in case it’s only certain cats (if any) that trigger a prey response in Bear.

Since he hasn’t had any formal training in manners, Bear will need a strong and affectionate pack leader, someone who can help him curb his enthusiasm and teach him to walk well on leash (he is a STRONG boy, and still pulls quite a bit, especially at the beginning of his walk), and to behave well at home. He is very sensitive to loud male voices, they sort of “deflate” him, so no yellers for Bear, please… firm but matter-of-fact direction works best for him. He does appear to be quite well housetrained – he tries REALLY hard to never use his kennel as a toilet, and hangs his poor big head in shame when he hasn’t been able to hold it between volunteer visits. However, he did decide to “mark” the vet’s office when he went in for neuter, so may need to be watched for marking behaviors in his new home.

Bear is definitely a boredom chewer, and will need much supervision and redirection during his training in his forever home; if you have plans to go off to work for 9 hours a day and want a dog to hang out in the house and wait for you to get back, Bear would not be a good fit for you… but if are an experienced dog person, you have lots of time to spend with your dog, want a loyal and loving companion who will do everything he can to please you, and who is eager to listen and follow your instructions, you couldn’t ask for a better fuzzy buddy than Bear.

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Luna is a sweet, affectionate 2-year-old pug mix girl. Her owner didn’t have time to give her the attention or training she needs, so she ended up living tied up outside all the time – no life for a loving girl like Luna!

She is a cuddle-bug who loves to be with people… she can pull pretty hard on leash, but since she only weighs about 25 pounds, she doesn’t separate your arm from its socket (ha). After she’s been walking for a few minutes, she tends to settle down and relax, for a more enjoyable walk for everyone.

Her former owner says she is pretty much potty-trained, but does have some chewing behaviors when bored/alone, and sometimes will dig under fences. She can be a little overly enthusiastic when the volunteers first greet her, but she settles pretty quickly – she should do very well in a home where she can get a few short but brisk walks each day, and has people around to play with and to cuddle her. She’s a bit bigger than a typical pug, but still thinks she is a lap dog, and would like nothing more than to be your companion and confidante.

Luna seems to like dogs and cats fine. She has been known to chase cars, so should not be left outside unsupervised in an unfenced area, for her own safety.

More photos, videos, and adoption information

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