Today’s featured kittens: Babbler and Blackbird!

Babbler and Blackbird
Babbler and Blackbird
(TOP) Babbler and (BOTTOM) Blackbird

Babbler and Blackbird were born on 5/11/12, and came to the shelter as a Stop the Cycle litter; we have spayed the mama kitty, and are now looking for homes for these adorable babies. Mama kitty was pretty young, we think this was her first litter, and the kittens are a little small for their age; they are very healthy and happy, though, and were well socialized with children, cats, and dogs before coming to the shelter. Now they are in a foster home together, and are having lots of fun learning all about the world, practicing their playing skills, and receiving lots of hugs and cuddles.

These two had another brother and sister, but they were Siamese mix kittens and illustrate perfectly how much faster non-black kittens get adopted; some lucky people are going to look past the fact that Babbler and Blackbird are black kittens, and see the wonderful companions waiting for homes of their own!

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