New adoptable dogs: AUSTIN and NICK

Austin and Nick

Austin and Nick

Austin and Nick come as a team; they are each about 12 years old, and ended up in the shelter after their wonderful, doting owner died without a pet plan in place. These adorable boys are reportedly a poodle mix and a maltese mix, and they are pretty lost and afraid at the shelter. We have them sharing a kennel, and hope to place them together in a final forever home.

Austin and Nick are housetrained, and used to live with cats (the kitties will be listed on our cats page soon). They are still pretty frisky, but definitely less energetic than a puppy! Nick, in particular, is pretty laid back – lots of cuddle time available with these boys. It takes them a few minutes of calm interaction before they relax around new people; at the shelter, we are having some difficulty convincing them to eat, which is not uncommon for senior pets whose owner has died… they are depressed and grieving. They can be coaxed to play a bit, and Austin will even “dance” for treats.

These older dogs don’t need a whole lot of exercise, and would be great for an older person or for an apartment or condo. Like many older pets, these boys will come with some standard ongoing expenses, like grooming and dental work. Nick has what seems to be a fairly large fatty tumor on his side (we’ll report back results of the vet exam)… this may never bother him, but if it continues to grow it may need to be removed. Because we know about those potential expenses, we are placing this pair on a DONATION OPTIONAL basis, leaving their lucky adopter more to apply to their care.

See their video, more photos, and access the application HERE

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