Today’s featured cat: AMBER




Amber is a healthy, friendly senior, who ended up at the shelter in 2011 when her owner’s disabilities worsened. She was adopted in November 2011, but recently came back to the shelter because she just couldn’t accept the other kitty in the home. This means Amber will do best as an only cat!

Amber will be turning 11 years old in July 2012, and is a very laid-back kitty, who spends most of her time relaxing in her favorite shelter basket. She would be a great companion for a retired person or couple, and could also be a good family pet in a single-pet home.

Amber is not a big fan of being picked up; she loves to be petted and brushed, but likes her feet best firmly on the ground. Amber is a really easy, “out of the box” kitty, and will fit in to her new home pretty quickly.

Amber has been an indoor-only cat, and should probably remain inside, or outside on harness/leash only.

Thanks to a special sponsor, Amber is participating in our “Seniors for Seniors” program – she has a regular sponsored adoption fee of $20, which is discounted to just $10 if she is adopted by anyone over 65!

See more photos and a video on her full listing

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