Look who went home this week!

Adopted week of 7-24 to 7-30

Adopted week of 7-24 to 7-30

It’s been another fun adoption week at Forget Me Not! These are the lucky pets who have fabulous new homes (starting with the top row, left to right):

DUQUELLA has joined her “big canine brother” Simon and a fabulous fun family in Federal Way with 4 super kids; she was great on the drive to Monroe, and sends kisses back to all the volunteers.

DURANGO gets to be a best-buddy for a fantastic couple in Lincoln, a beautiful rural part of Washington – they drove all the way to the shelter to pick him up earlier this week! He has a dog buddy now, who came along to pick him up, and it looks like everyone will be great friends.

ALLISTAR (who used to be Alvarez) has a fantastic life ahead of him in Seattle, growing up with his human “sister” and his new cat buddy, who is just about the same age as Allistar… no more Single Kitten Syndrome for that happy family (ha).

LILIKA (formerly Lampang) moved home to Moses Lake via a special transport stop in Leavenworth; she joins 3 humans and a cat buddy and a dog buddy – we know she’ll be in charge soon!

SHADOW (who we knew as Aljariz) gets to be a pampered only-pet in a Mountlake Terrace home with 4 fun people; he’ll love being spoiled.

FLORA finally gets to go home! She was our last remaining 2010 arrival, and spent almost 8 months with us before her wonderful new family invited her home.

RAPHAEL (formerly Pattani) will be sharing his Seattle person (a professional groomer and trainer!) with 2 dog “brothers” – and we know he’s going to love playing with them, he is a fearless kitten!

BOULDER has joined one of our previous year’s adopted kitties, Aguafria, in Silverdale, to be a playmate for her – we are always delighted when a prior adopter comes back to us for a new buddy, and are thrilled that Boulder and Aguafria have the same family now.

MEMO headed out on our Spokane transport last Sunday, and has already sent in a happy report from her new home in Chewelah, where she is really enjoying sleeping on the bed with her new people. She gets to be the only cat, and has apparently reached a comfortable understanding with the dogs in the home (even the mastiff).

TUCKER (who used to be Rocket) has a built-in big brother, Rascal the cat, to show him around his happy new home in Issiquah.

STEELE decided he was going to be the co-pilot on the Monroe delivery; he chewed through TWO backseat seatbelt/tether leashes, until we finally gave up and let him ride in the front passenger seat, making the human co-pilot move to the back seat. We think he was just SO excited about becoming the lucky only pet for a home in Mukilteo with two girls of his own to play with, that he wanted to be the first to spot them!

Keep an eye on the website next week; we have 15 new kittens and 5 puppies who will be listed as soon as we get them photographed!

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