Look who went home this week, part 2: CATS!

Cat Adoptions 7-2-11

Cat Adoptions week of 7-2-11


Wow! The delivery of adopted pets to Monroe today had 23 total shelter pets heading for their new families, plus we had another 5 pets picked up at the shelter this week! Definitely the biggest adoption transport ever for us, and the biggest weekly total of adoptions.

ALISAR went home with BARRIO (2nd row, 4th from left), where they will definitely be ruling the home and bringing laughs to their new people in no time.

ALCAZAR captured the heart of a local cat lover, and is busy being pampered; he will probably have a new name soon.

AGUILAR and ALEGRIA get to stay together, and we bet they will be snuggling up with their new boy soon.

BACARES is another local adoption, where he gets to be cuddled and loved as much as he wants. Probably a new name for him soon, too!

BADALEJOS is now BAXTER; he will be sharing his home with a toy poodle, who we know he will love soon.

BAJO will be an adored only pet for a happy young couple.

BAJIA gets to be the “baby” in a home with 3 adults and 2 other kitties – lots of attention for her!

BARRIO went home with ALISAR (see above)

BALERMA (now WOOKIE) and CUENCA (now LILY) get to share their new home, which suits them just fine! They will love their new boy, too.

CORUNA (now TIKKI) is going to be SOOOOO spoiled as the only pet of a loving, retired person, awwwww.

CASTELLON and CACERES went home together, to friends of one of our prior adopters – word of mouth really helps these great homes find our kitties!

SOCKS (now Sergeant Sherman Tank, or TANK) has a boy of his own who loves him already, in spite of his bad eye.

CHARLENE and KATMANDU got to go home with each other, to a fantastic adopter we first placed a kitty with several years ago – now it’s time to add to the family, so off these two go! We love it when our adopters come back to us the next time they are looking for a friend.

You can keep up with any followups about their purrrrrfect new lives by going to our Adopted Page.

Phew! What a week! Now that all the babies have gone home, it’s time for all our wonderful adult cats and dogs to find their forever homes. Pass the word, lots of fantastic juveniles and older cats and dogs are waiting for you, or your friend, or your coworker, or….

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