Look who went home from 1/15 to today!

Adopted to 2-4-12

Bailey, Molly, and Ayla

It’s no secret that the bulk of our adoptions happen on the one day per month we make our adopted pet delivery to the Seattle area; that’s where most of our adopters are found. There are always a handful of adoptions that take place in between the Seattle area deliveries, and the past few weeks found us celebrating three adoptions of hard to place pets.

Bailey, the senior dog, has become a happy Canadian resident; Molly, our long-timer cat who joined the shelter back in July 2011, found a spot in the hearts of a local couple; and Ayla, our long-timer dog, has found a forever home with a family that drove hundreds of miles round-trip just to pick her up, because they couldn’t wait another day to have her in their home.

All three of these wonderful pets are still in their 30-day trial adoption periods, but we have very high hopes that the next we see of them will be in photos from their terrific adopters.

It’s a good month when one long-timer or hard to place (ie, senior or black or special needs) pet finds a great home; to have three in the same month feels like fortune has been smiling upon us, and the pets are the lucky beneficiaries!

That means we have a new reigning long-timer: Venus, the black & white kitty with the frostbitten ears. Venus, your turn is coming!

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