2/11/12, transport day – see who went home!

Pets adopted 2-11-12

TOP: Acorn & Tamarack (who went home together), Rex, Venus (now COCO) MIDDLE: Albatross and Adelie (now SHADOW and ABBIE, they went together), Tigger, and Snoopy BOTTOM: Akiko (now EDITH TINKER BELL), Doma (now LULU), Payton (now ESTHER), Azumi

Another wonderful transport day saw 10 happy pets head across the mountains to their new homes on the west side. It was a teary goodbye, as Rex’s foster family had to send him off after raising him for 3 months (usually pups go to their new homes in 3-4 weeks, but Rex had to stay a bit longer due to a temporary health issue); LuLu had two families sharing foster time with her, and they had to say goodbye too. Even I was a bit sad (but in a good way) to say goodbye to my personal favorite shelter dog, Snoopy (who was adopted so fast by one of our wonderful wait-list applicants, she didn’t even get listed).

It was easier to say goodbye to Tamarack and Acorn, because they came in together and left together to the same new home! The other kitties that came in with them, plus our long-timer kitties Tigger and Venus (Coco), will be missed, but we are all JOYFUL to see so many non-babies going home. It wasn’t all that long ago that we were thrilled to have just 5 non-baby pets find homes in a month — now we’re getting spoiled!

We’ve included in the photo Esther, who went home early when her new proud parents drove ALL THE WAY across the state just to get her a few days earlier, and Azumi, who has been adopted but her new mom had an emergency and wasn’t able to have her sent out on today’s transport – we’ll get Azumi and her mom connected as soon as possible.

Now it looks like we have hardly any pets at the shelter – the only cat listed at this moment is Tiffany our beautiful but declawed girl, and the only dog listed is Hunter who is already on Adoption Pending, and should be going home Monday. Looks can be deceiving, though; we have 1 adult cat being listed tonight, 1 adult cat in foster care with an eye infection who is not yet healthy enough to list, and SEVEN semi-feral 6-month old cats that just arrived and have been given their own room for now (anyone looking for barn kitties? They are handleable, just very shy and scared). Plus at least 5 more cats partway through the intake process.

For dogs, we have one impounded dog that cannot yet be listed, and are trying to catch that dog’s friend too (hopefully by tomorrow night), plus a few more partway through the intake process.

So, don’t feel sorry for us for running out of pets — there’s never a dull moment at Forget Me Not!

Thanks to all the wonderful adopters – without you, we wouldn’t have room for all the new guys.

2 comments to 2/11/12, transport day – see who went home!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for what you do! I remember the day I got to meet the transport to get our new addition to the family! One of the best days of our lives and we enjoy our favorite pup every day! She has brought us so much joy!

    • fmnas

      Thank YOU for adopting a shelter pup!! We’re always amazed and grateful for our wonderful distance adopters, who have that ability to give their heart across the miles and invite a pet they’ve never met to come home with them. We love our adopters!

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