Look who went home through 9-11-11!

Adopted through 9-11-11

Chestnut, Pistachio, Hoonch, Delgado, DonBenito - ADOPTED!

We are happy to report TWO kitten pair adoptions, and a great new home for a big black dog!

Chestnut and Pistachio have joined a family with 3 excited kids, a small dog, and a turtle – they are sure to have a fun life, and are so happy to have gone to a home together.

Hoonch is now a totally devoted go-everywhere dog – when he met his new people at the shelter, we could immediately see Hoonch’s connection with them. He kept offering a paw to his new guy – and he’s never done that to anyone else in the shelter. It’s like he was saying “there you are, you are mine, please take me home now.”

Finally, our long-timer kittens Delgado and DonBenito were adopted as a pair, to a terrific home where they can adapt and explore at their own pace. They are happy brothers because they still have each other – we couldn’t have asked for a better happy ending for them!

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  • Sara Ayers

    Weasley and Potter (formerly Chestnut and Pistachio)are HUGE now!! We call Weasley “Fat Cat” cause his favorite past time is to lay his big belly out in the sun. Both cats really enjoy going outside to play especially at night. They are two peas in a pod just the same they were when they came home. They go everywhere together. They sleep right next to each other, eat at the same time. Sometimes, I swear the other is just waiting in line for the litter box while the other ones goes. haha!! We love those boys to death!! Fat Cat and Pottter Puss are their nicknames. They have started becoming quite the mousers outside too so that’s a plus. So glad we got them. We always recommend you guys to friends who are looking to adopt an animal. Keep up the great work!!

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