New adoptable cats: 6, all black, from 1 home!

6 black cats

Top row: Jaguar, Lea, Piper Bottom row: Candelada, Colilla, Cillan

These 6 cats are all related; someone didn’t call us soon enough for a voucher, and this is the result.

In the top row, Jaguar is about 6 months old; sisters Lea and Piper are about 10 months old.

In the bottom row, our three sibling kittens were born 11/11/11.

Mama kitty has now been spayed and returned to her owner… now we just need to find homes for 6 black kitties!

For those who don’t know – black cats are by far the hardest to find homes for, but we will try our best!

You can see all the available cats on our website: CATS


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