Look who went home on 6-4-11

Adopted pets 6-4-11

Adopted pets 6-4-11

At 9:00 a.m. today, nine lucky pets set out with volunteer driver Sarah, on their way to meet their new families on the western side of the state.

AGUAFRIA is going to be a pampered indoor only-kitty with a terrific young couple.

POPPIE also gets to be an only-kitty (she says “yay”), and will be a great sidekick for her new mom, a lovely woman who is very cat-savvy!

SILVERLIGHT will be meeting his new “big sister” kitty, Boots – bet they will make a terrific pair.

MANDI gets to have a girl of her very own, plus dog and hamster buddies!

PETER will be in doggie nirvana when he meets the pack at his new home; he gets to go on trail rides with the horses, too.

KELSEA has two children to love her, and she will get lots of attention as the only pet!

SHERLOCK and MELVIN are going to the same home – they will love that. Melvin’s new name is TAZ which we think fits him perfectly. They will have a boy to play with them, too!

NIKE is going to be a single-kitty companion for her new person, and will be safe and loved as an indoor kitty, with regular grooming to help her fur grow back in wonderful condition.

We can’t wait to hear how these lucky pets are doing in their new homes. Transport day is one of our favorite times at the shelter!

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