Look who went to their new homes on 4/30!

4/30/11 Adoptees

4/30/11 Adoptees

Today was our monthly transport closer to Seattle. Six lucky pets joined their new families today, with everyone meeting in Monroe!

HOSS spent the whole 6-hour drive barking excitedly at every vehicle (particularly white pickup trucks) and person we passed! He was absolutely THRILLED to meet his forever-playmate Sky, and took to his people right away. (They wisely brought him a gentle leader harness, which immediately helped curb his over-enthusiastic approach to, well, everything). He’s in just the right place, with a dog that is as joyful as he is, and people who can give him the perfect combination of love and training. YAY!

MELINDA and FANTASIA, now known as SHADOW and SHILO, got to go to a home together, where they are going to have a girl of their own to play with; they will love that.

BUSTER is a lucky boy, who got a “bounce” adoption when his original adopter cancelled just a couple of days before transport; he had another applicant who REALLLLLY wanted him, but had been just a little too late… so when he became available again, they were thrilled to be able to bring him home! He will be a much-adored only pet, and will be running the household in no time.

DAISY has become a Canadian citizen, in a truly nurturing home that will help her find her inner confidence. She has two new kitty friends, and Buddy, her “big brother” doggie pal; we know she will be SO happy there.

PRANCER was positively grinning when he met his new “Mom” – and he is going to have a boy and girl of his very own, which he will share with his new friends the cats, guinea pig, and tortoise!

As with all pets over 5 months of age, today’s lucky six now have a 30-day trial period, during which they and their new families will learn to communicate with one another, and will be able to work out any issues that arise. We hope to be posting happy follow-ups on all of them soon!


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