Look who went to their new homes on 4-25!

Cybele, Comet, Alanis

Cybele, Comet, Alanis (photos by Lance Young & Charlene Payton Holt)

Today Forget Me Not said “bon voyage” to three lucky pets.

CYBELE, our senior calico gal, will now be sharing her life with Otis the cat, Bruno the dog, three fabulous pet-loving kids, and a mom of her own. She was lucky enough to get a door-to-door delivery (unusual for us!) We left her racecar bed with her, and when we last saw her, she was happily exploring her big new house and making friends with Otis.

ALANIS, the cutie manx mix girl, went to a home just one block away from Cybele! She will be adored by her new mom and dad, and her new doggie friends Bowgart and Puppy. She also got to be delivered right to her home, and was busily exploring with two adorable dogs following her every move.

COMET, Mr. Charming, also went home today, where he has a “sister” kitty Sweet Pea, a fabulous and devoted mom and dad, and (best of all) a boy of his very own!

Look for followups – we’ll post ’em when we have ’em!

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