Look who went home this weekend!


TOP: Ladie, Cricket, Azumi MIDDLE: Fiona, Toby, Ginger BOTTOM: Felix, R2D2, Rose

Another wonderful Seattle-area delivery weekend saw 9 lucky pets delivered to adopters in Monroe; all are beginning their trial adoption periods with their new families, and we are hopeful that all will become permanent residents in their new homes (though there is already one possible allergy problem, and we are keeping fingers crossed that Allerpet will do the trick).

Ladie has a built-in “big brother” in Chance, the resident dog at her new home, plus she gets a family of 5 humans – she won the doggy lottery!

Cricket gets to be a new playmate for Peepers, the frisky kitty she has joined, and the two of them will no doubt boss Tango the beagle mix around.

Azumi has finally joined her new “mom” – who has been waiting patiently for this month’s delivery – and has already wrapped her around her little paw.

Fiona decided all the “expert” advice about having a slow introduction to the new home and family was simply silly – she is already purring and snuggling with her new humans, and is delighted to be an only pet so she can have all the attention, and her purrrrsonality can really shine.

Toby joins two more frisky dogs in his new home, where we are sure he is already head over all-4-heels in love with his new “siblings” Kaylee and Mick; it was obvious at the delivery that he is excited about his new “parents” already!

Ginger is exactly the kind of lovey-dovey kitty her new family wanted, and we bet she has already won over doggie buddy Bob Seger… please send happy “anti-allergy” thoughts her way, as she is the one who is having the allergic effect on a member of her family. (As a side note: did you know that short-haired cats are actually more likely to trigger allergic reactions than long-haired cats? It’s because it is the dander from the skin, not the fur, that causes the reaction… it is more difficult for the dander to escape from a long coat than a short coat!)

Felix and R2D2 are so excited to have their new home together, that they have apparently not stopped meowing since arriving home on Saturday.  They have a lot to say about how wonderful their new home is! We’ve given their family some ideas on how to curb a chatty kitty, and hopefully everyone will get a little peace and quiet soon.

Finally, beautiful Rose waved goodbye with one last paw-shake, as she joined her new “mom and dad” – they had been looking for a puppy, but found their hearts drawn to 11-year-old Rose, and now this wonderful girl will finally have the loving, indoor home she has always deserved. We are sure she has already won over George (the resident dog) and Rosie (the resident cat) – now they will just have to agree which one will answer to “Rosie” and which to “Rose”! We so appreciate our adopters who are willing to invite a senior pet home, and know that Rose will bring lots of joy to her family for all the days she has left.

Now, on to the new incoming dogs and cats, look for newly listed pets by this weekend!

3 comments to Look who went home this weekend!

  • I love this website. I can feel the love they have for animals. Rosie was my neighbor and I loved her. I am so glad she went to a good home. Thank you. CW

    • fmnas

      Thanks so much for watching out for Rosie, Chris. In more great news, her friend Pepper is currently in Anchorage, waiting with his new mom for their connecting flight to Kodiak Island, where he will get to live a wonderful life. Thanks for luring him in with pizza, we couldn’t have saved him without you!

      There are so many people who love animals… we have to believe they will one day crowd out all the abusers and neglectors. Thanks for your support!

  • Thanks for the update! Pepper in Alaska. How cool is that? Sounds like Rosies new family loves her already. She is a very special dog. Your shelter does such amazing work. Glad you are there for the innocent animals. Thanks again, CW

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