End of summer Black Cat Blowout!

Black cat blowout

(TOP): Starling, Amazon, Babbler, Siskin
(BOTTOM): Avocet, Dana, Aracari, Auk

As usually happens around this time of year, the shelter is full of black and black/white cats and juveniles; these are the kittens that are last to be adopted from their litters, the “leftovers” after everyone has taken home the “pretty” kittens. They are the cats that visitors don’t notice, because they are black and are sitting back in the corner watching the visitors play with the “colorful” cats. Every one of these cats and kittens will make a fantastic companion, if they are given the chance!

For the month of September, we are having our Black Cat Blowout event; adopt any black or black/white cat or kitten included in the Black Cat Blowout promotion, and pay NO adoption fee! We are placing these fantastic felines on an optional donation basis – we want them to have every opportunity to find a forever home.

You can see all the cats and kittens on our Cats page – the Black Cat Blowout participants all say “DONATION OPTIONAL” above their photos. You’ll note that they represent 66% of the currently listed kitties.

(Yes, I know there is an orange cat, Amber, also listed as DONATION OPTIONAL – that is because she is a senior long-timer that would like to be an only kitty, so we are having challenges finding her forever home – really, we know she’s orange – HA).

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