Our pets arrive in your home already spayed or neutered, and with all age appropriate vaccinations.

We ask a varying minimum adoption donation as noted in the listing; this depends on adoptability, age, medical expenses, and length of time at the shelter.

Like all desperate nonprofit animal rescue organizations, we gratefully accept adoption donations above the minimum from those who can afford to give more, but we have found many, many wonderful homes for our pets with families that could not afford more than our minimums. We celebrate those homes as ecstatically as we celebrate homes that can afford more, and we prefer that you not tell us how much you plan to donate until after your adoption has been approved.

The first step toward adoption is to fill out the application.

Filling out the application in no way commits you to adopting - it simply enables us to get you preapproved, in case you decide you want to adopt. If you are then approved and offered a pet placement, you may always refuse the placement. If you accept a placement, we always give you a 30-day money-back trial period; if during that time you decide that your new pet simply won't work out, for any reason, we will accept the pet back with a full refund of your adoption payment. You could either return the pet directly to us, or have it picked up on our next transport to your area! I must say, we are very proud of our successful placement record - we really work hard to make sure you and your pet will be a great match.

To send the requested photos or documents, please attach them to your application, email them to , fax them (but not photos, please) to 208-410-8200, or "snail mail" them to:

Adoption Coordinator
Forget Me Not Animal Shelter
49 W Curlew Lake Rd
Republic WA 99166‑8742

If you rent, we must obtain landlord permission prior to approving your application. If you are unable to get written approval as described on the application, please at least let us know your landlord's name and contact information so we can speak with them directly.

The best photos to send for dog applications would be photos of your fence, yard, home, any dog-specific areas like kennels or dog runs, and any photos of your current or former pets you would like to share.

For cat adoptions, just send us some photos of your home that you think show how much a kitty would love it there, and photos of your current or former pets. We know cats just laugh at your fence, and don't care if you live in a huge home or a cozy cottage!

If we have an upcoming transport scheduled to your area, we will make every effort to process and approve your application in time for the transport. Our regular transports to Monroe or Spokane do not cost anything extra, but an optional donation to help us cover our transport expenses (which can be as high as $300 per trip) is always appreciated from those who can afford to help. We do adopt to Canadians, but you must pick up your pet on this side of the border; contact us for further information.

If you have any additional comments or information you wish to share beyond that which is covered in the application, please use the comments section at the end. We will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your application; if you do not hear from a real person (rather than an auto-generated 'thanks for your application' message) within 24 hours, please either email us or call us - it's possible your application was eaten in cyberspace (it's rare, but it can happen).

Thanks so much for looking at shelter pets, they really make the best buddies!