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Shadow Subert

Shadow was everything you could ask for in a cat.

Shadow liked to be petted and would sit next to you to make sure that you petted him. He was always underfoot when we were getting ready for work. He wanted petted and he wanted it now. He was a “lap warmer”. He kept Tim’s feet warm at night.

We would turn the faucet on to a slow drip and Shadow would try to catch the drips. Left side of his face and paws would be wet from his attempts

Shadow liked to get up high. He would jump to counter, to frig and then to top of cupboards so he could look outside and see the yard.

He had recently been allowed outside and he’d play in the tall grass and in the ferns. Unfortunately, he went into our neighbor’s fenced yard and their malamute killed him. Not a good day. The neighbors feel as bad as we do.

RIP Shadow