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Memorial donations were made in honor of the following beloved pets, who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. This page was begun in November 2009; if you have made a memorial donation in the past and would like your pet to be honored here, please email a photo and brief story of your pet to us at !

To make a new memorial donation, make a donation above or by mail, and email us at !

Name Image
Qwoddy Qwoddy
Jareth Sterns Jareth Sterns
Ella Ella
Cody Clevenger Cody Clevenger
Miss Kitty Miss Kitty
Noche Noche
Purriwinkle Mahaney Purriwinkle Mahaney
Sandy Poe Sandy Poe
Mr. Sparkles Mr. Sparkles
Hobbes Hobbes
Mini Mini
Bailey Loseke Bailey Loseke
Shadow Subert Shadow Subert
Fuzzle Guimera Fuzzle Guimera
Lilly Beall Lilly Beall
B-C Devaul B-C Devaul
Bandit Desai Bandit Desai
Duffy and D-O-G Duffy and D-O-G