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Mason 1541

Mason is a wonderful, confident 24-pound poodle/rat terrier mix who is almost 10. He has been trained to sit, lie down, roll over, shake, and dance (though he is a little rusty on shake and dance) - and is very treat-motivated!

Mason has lived with cats in the past, but does enjoy chasing them - if you have a 20 pound assertive Maine Coon who will tell him to knock it off, then he may cohabitate peacefully with a cat. As for other dogs, they have to accept that Mason is the Top Dog, and should be fed separately from Mason.

He has exhibited some resource guarding behaviors in the past, and can be a little snippy if he feels threatened. His former owner says he was nippy around small children, but our photographer introduced him to her granddaughter and they did fine. Mason reportedly gets house-protective and should be introduced to strangers outside. He will benefit from a dog-savvy person who can work with him to reassure him he is safe and his stuff is safe and his people are safe and it's not his job to protect you. His job is to have fun, cuddle, go for a jog with you, heading out for walks, hikes, and car adventures, and just kicking back at home and watching TV with you.

Mason is fully housetrained and does not chew inappropriately, though he has been encouraged to shred old wrapping paper and paper towels for fun in the past - so keep those things away until you are ready to enjoy his shred-fest. He doesn't care for swimming and couldn't care less about playing fetch, but if you have him outside and he is not leashed or securely fenced, he will shoot off like a rocket after the first squirrel or bunny he sees, and you will need to hire an Uber to get him home again. He conveniently forgets his name when he's on a bunny-quest (ah, terriers...).

Mason's PERFECT home would be as an only pet where he can be a cuddly lap dog, while still being able to head out for adventures with his person. He'd like a confident dog person who can understand him, and who he can understand. No small children just to be safe, but older children may do fine with him.

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