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Scruffles 1183

Sir Scruffles is a young senior, 15 pound male Shih Tzu who was found in a snowy field, matted and filty, with dirty twine around his feet and neck. He clearly has a sad past story, but we are focused on looking forward to the happy story of his future.

Scruffles has adapted to shelter life slowly but his recovery is very promising. At first he was plastered against the back wall of his kennel, and wouldn’t approach - or even look at - a human. After lots of gentle cuddles, several baths, and some professional grooming he now wiggles his whole body at the gate of his kennel in anticipation of coming out to explore, and loves to hang out with the volunteers and his other doggie friends. He still is a bit shy and it’s going to take more time, but he is already blossoming into a faithful, affectionate companion. He is even showing interest in toys and occasionally follows volunteers around carrying his favorites.

As one might expect, Scruffles has some medical issues that we are working to resolve. Scruffles has some clouding in his eyes that was caused by damage and scarring to the corneas. He has been diagnosed with Corneal Edema and has been prescribed two different eye ointments which he will be on for life. Furthermore, he has been diagnosed with Progressive Retinal Atrophy, an uncurable congenitive defect that will eventually cause total blindness. Scruffles currently is night blind and treads cautiously in dark or dim situations. He is on over the counter supplements which reportedly will delay the degeneration of his retina. While we can’t confirm exactly how long he will retain his “day” vision the vet suggested it could be one to four years before total blindness overtakes him. His condition does not cause him any discomfort or pain. His senior blood panel was good. Estimated monthly prescription and supplement costs would total around $120 (could probably save a bit by shopping around). Prescriptions will be needed for life, but supplements will no longer be needed after Scruffles loses the rest of his sight; at that time, monthly costs should drop to around $70.

The ideal home for Scruffles will be one with lots of love and patience as he works to overcome the trauma of his previous life and to help him adjust to losing his vision. A home with another non threatening dog was recommended by the vet (but not required). Typically when one dog is blind and the other sighted, the sighted dog acts as a “seeing eye dog” for the blind dog and provides him with more confidence. Also, a home without stairs (or with limited stairs) is preferable. Currently he has not been cat tested but we will update as soon as we have more info. We are hoping for a home that will give him the pampered life he so deserves in as stress free an environment as possible.

Sir Scruffles comes with a 30-day money-back trial adoption period.

Spay/neuter, worming, microchip and all age-appropriate shots are always completed before placement, and are included in the adoption fee (suggested minimum $50 or Senior for Senior - adopters over 65 may name their own adoption fee; more gratefully accepted!)

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