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Sam 1158

Sam transferred in from an out-of-county shelter because he had special needs – juvenile cataracts - which they were unable to address medically; we brought him in under our Shadow’s Fund for Extraordinary Medical Expenses so he could receive needed treatment from a veterinary eye specialist.

Sam’s cataract surgery occurred in November of 2017. His cataracts were removed, but the ligaments that hold lenses in place were damaged (the vet thought it was a genetic defect), thus he was unable to have lenses implanted. His vision has improved, though will never be perfect. According to the vet his distance vision is in focus, but his close vision is blurry (which may sound familiar to some of us of a certain age). Furthermore, the vet has told us that part of his retinas also show genetic signs of degeneration. As he ages, the vision he now enjoys may deteriorate further, possibly to blindness, though he could also continue to enjoy the same moderately decent vision he now has. Subsequent post-surgical vet visits have indicated the retinas are stable at this time; as your vet monitors his progress over the years, they may be able to tell more about his future vision potential.

The shelter from which Sam transferred didn't know his age; our vets estimate him to be about 5 years old, though he could actually be a bit younger. Other than his vision impairment, he is very fit and healthy! At first, he was lacking in basic training/manners (though he is house-trained), and now, he is quickly learning good manners. He loves squeaky and jingly toys and treats of any kind, and is a very affectionate and eager to please student. He is especially fond of picking his own toys out of our toy bin, after which he lounges on our office couch and plays away. He also enjoys car rides. He is a love and quite a character!

He was a little dominant with other dogs when he arrived, but since he has been neutered and had time to memorize his surroundings, he seems to enjoy the company of other dogs. He has a sweet and happy personality, and a lot of exuberance and joy! Thus, he does need a fair amount of exercise to burn off his energy. Don’t make the mistake of thinking his vision challenges mean he will be a sit-at-home dog – Sam wants to get up and GO GO GO with you!

He has been cat tested with a couple of our dog friendly cats with good results. He didn’t lunge or show signs of aggression, rather was very curious and wanting to sniff. If you have cats that run from dogs he may chase (His vision impairment for things close up may cause him to think a running cat is a fetch toy). We have no data with him and small children, however, given his vision limitations we suspect he would not do well with toddlers or young ones who might be “in his face”. He has been exposed to older children who respect his limitations with his usual happy exuberance. Sam just loves everyone.

Sam will require ongoing veterinary care related to his eyes for the rest of his life. He will need to receive anti-inflammatory eye drops, and have the pressure in his eyes checked 3-4 times per year by a veterinary eye specialist. We just know there is the perfect home out there for Sam who can provide him with the care he deserves, and will have his lifelong love and adoration.

Sam comes with a 30-day money-back trial adoption period.

Spay/neuter, worming, microchip and all age-appropriate shots are always completed before placement, and are included in the adoption fee (suggested minimum $95; more gratefully accepted!)

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